Version 0.1.0060 (Alpha)

07/03/2017 – 07/6/2017

Player position fixes.
Default player projectile y position fixed.
Floor, ceiling, and wall textures can be resized so that they are smaller.
Temporarily removed background caching for image scanning.
Fixed bug related to object scaling settings.


Version 0.1.0059 (Alpha)

07/02/2017 – 07/03/2017

The built-in image editor now saves it’s changes.
Temporarily hid the button to draw a new image, on the menu screen, when creating a new game.
Added a cursor to the built-in image editor to indicate where the changes will take place.
Fixed player position bug. Computer players no longer float in the air.
Added Switches. Switches can be configured to turn on or off lights. They will eventually work for doors as well.


Version 0.1.058 (Alpha)

06/28/2017 – 07/02/2017

Added basic in-app image editing capabilities.  A process for saving the changes needs to be added.

Version 0.1.057 (Alpha)

06/26/2017 – 06/28/2017

Added ceiling tiles.
Objects can be named by the user.
Loading saved games, scanned by RGB only, no longer creates duplicate stock bullets.
Loading saved games, scanned by RGB only, works properly.
Added a build tag to the saved game files. While not guaranteed, this will assist with backwards-compatibility.

Version 0.1.0056 (Alpha)

06/15/2017 – 06/26/2017

First Demo Release
Reduced default rotation speed when turning.
Added a slider, on the main menu, to adjust the ambient lighting.
Added load/save for both ambient lighting and overhead lighting.
“DEMO” is now displayed in the demo version.
Modifications of the main menu, on the design/play screen, for the demo release.
Load/Save now tested and working.
Adjusted spot lighting sliders to allow for brighter spot lighting.
Additional user interface cleanup.
Optimization of load process for saved games.
Added an Options menu with the option to change graphics quality for slower or faster PCs.
A configuration file has been added so that options will be saved after they are set.  (i.e.  for graphics quality, above.)
Added flickering light sources.
Added an option to change the size of the game window.
Fixed a scaling bug that prevented player characters from being properly scaled and prevented the 3d environment from being properly scaled.
Created installer script for the Inno Setup Compiler.
Object scaling is now shown visually.
Mouse wheel now works properly on the Object Menu.
Projectile objects are now properly cleaned up upon their destruction.
Computer players no longer release “floating” projectiles.
Scoring Objects now increment the score without causing damage to the player.
Fixed a bug that prevented the user from selecting objects after saving a sound in design mode.
If configured, scoring objects will now make a sound when they are collected.
Options still in development cannot be selected.

Version 0.0.0055 (Alpha)

06/14/2017 – 06/15/2017

Online Change Log Established
Cleanup of message system when sampling background in advanced mode.
Load/Save added for Lighting Intensity and Object Scaling.
Changed mode buttons for a more intuitive user interface.
The new door settings are now properly displayed in the object menu.  (Doors are not yet implemented.)
Overhead view is disabled so as to focus development on the 3d First Person view.  (This will be re-enabled in the future.)
File browser now shows drive letters.
Computer player spawning is now working in 3d FPS mode.